Attorney Connolly serves as a private mediator in all types of family law cases.  As a mediator, Attorney Connolly cannot give legal advice and does not represent the interests of either party.  She provides assistance to facilitate an agreement and settlement between the litigants.

With over a decade of experience, Attorney Connolly is well versed in the law and is able to provide neutral case evaluations.  A neutral case evaluation is Attorney Connolly’s opinion on what would happen if the case were to go to trial.  This type of opinion can be useful to help settle a case if the parties understand what is at stake if they risk going to trial.

Unlike a court-appointed mediation that occurs at the courthouse, Attorney Connolly, offers mediation clients and their attorneys, a private and comfortable setting to reach agreement on the contested issues.
Attorney Connolly is an author in the area of collaborative law, which is a technique that uses interest-based negotiation tools.  She is committed to resolving disputes outside of court which will save thousands of dollars and years of time. 

  1. Attorney Connolly mediation services provide:
  2. Flat fee or hourly fee structures
  3. A comfortable, private setting
  4. Drafting of all the necessary court documents that reflect your agreement
  5. Referrals to attorneys, financial advisors and estate planners to help you complete the process


Attorney Connolly has successfully represented hundreds of clients and has achieved favorable results both in mediations and after trial. Contact her today for a free consultation and let her protect your children, assets, and your children.

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